Dancing with Angels


Dancing with Angels is a customized consulting service for entrepreneurs seeking to reach angel investors. Our goal is to make a more efficient market for high growth entrepreneurs in search of seed stage funding from non-institutional sources. We help entrepreneurs discover what the right source of funding is for their company, review business plans and a face-to-face presentation, and outline the steps you need to take to improve your chances of securing outside capital. The service is provided by experienced angels who know how to communicate with emerging entrepreneurs. It includes three components for one fixed fee.


Each engagement includes three components:

  1. Proper business plan overview and financing proposal guidance. Entrepreneurs begin the process by submitting a business plan, executive summary and/or presentation slides. Our team will then personally review the documents and prepare feedback.
  2. Fundraising pitch and in-person engagement. The entrepreneurial team will then present their fundraising pitch and discuss their business proposal, funding requirements, and/or strategies for receiving funding during a one-hour  engagement. The NVG team will have read the provided material and will discuss their thoughts with the entrepreneur during the structured meeting (generally 1/3 presentation, 1/3 Q&A and 1/3 feedback).
  3. Follow-up and recommendations. After the meeting, the NVG team will be available for a follow-up 30 minute phone conversation, and the entrepreneur will receive a 1-2 page summary report. The report will provide content assessment, stylistic feedback and recommended next steps for capital raising.


The cost for the three part service is $495. Payment is due at the beginning of the in-person session. There are no refunds. Cancellation or rescheduling the meeting without 48 hour prior notice is subject to a fee of $100.

What it is Not!

Participants must understand:

  • The entrepreneur does not expect any funding from the angel or his/her affiliated angel group.
  • All materials and conversations are shared freely without an NDA or confidentiality agreement.
  • The entrepreneur will pay a cancellation fee if they fail to make the scheduled appointment.

What is Next?

To inquire further about the Dances with Angels program or to set up an appointment, please contact Jeremy Bauman at 703-255-4930 or mba@newvantagegroup.com.