Young Professionals

In collaboration with top universities in the US, NVG provides semester-, summer-, and year-long opportunities for current or recently-graduated undergraduate and masters of business administration (MBA) students to work with NVG and its portfolio firms.

This internship offers a great understanding of the venture capital process as interns will be included in company presentations and internal meetings. Internships are broken down into three stages: learning the venture capital process, performing a value added project for New Vantage Group, and working directly with a portfolio firm to address a pressing need.

To apply for the NVG Young Professionals Program, please email your resume and cover letter here.

The following students are currently or have been interns since our founding in 1998:

Name School Year Current Employer
RJ Garcia Northwestern 2012 Northwestern
Ankit Gulati Pennsylvania 2011 Pennsylvania
Mark Fallet Darden 2010 Fairmount Automation
Shibu Matthew Georgetown 2010 Georgetown
Matt Anderson Wharton 2010 Wharton
Nihaar Sinha Thomas Jefferson 2010 University of Virginia
Branch Trent Georgetown 2010 MBA Student
Tiago Sommacal UNC-Wilmington 2009 Associate Consultant at Bain & Company
Brendan Reed UVA 2009 Attorney at Morrison & Foerster LLP
Matthew Fedors Darden 2009 Vice President at Leaf Clean Energy
Inga Gromova UVA 2009 Undergraduate Student
Peter Bojo MIT 2009 Graduate Student
Elisa Palazzo HBS 2009 IBD Associate at Credit Suisse
Alec Massey HBS 2008 Associate at PRTM
Joey Conover Darden 2008 Treasurer at Ixtatan Foundation
Cindy Cheng Harvard 2008 Investment Banking Analyst at Morgan Stanley
Zarko Arsov George Washington 2007 Independent Financial Consultant
Alberto Bolanos Darden 2007 MBA Leadership Development Program at Bank of America
Nicholas Safford George Mason 2007 Private Equity Associate at Riveria Investment Group
Zarko Arsov George Washington 2007
Kotaro Shinra Darden 2006 Manager for Ship Finance at The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
Lindsay Angelo George Mason 2006 Supervisor, Retail, Recreation and Leisure, Vancouver Athletes’ Village at VANOC
John Arnold Georgetown 2006 Estimator at L.H. Lacy Construction
Ryan Mcinnis Princeton 2006 Private Equity Analyst at The Blackstone Group
Camilo Acosta Princeton 2005 co-President at Root Orange LLC
Stacey Seltzer Columbia 2005 SVP – Business Develpment at Joost
Jay Ashton UVA 2004 Co-Founder, CEO at Revinate, LLC
Jon Daigle Columbia 2004 Global Marketing Manager, Preanalytical Systems atBecton Dickinson & Co.
Sam Sezak Georgetown 2004 Partner, Blue Heron Capital
Noah Borun Univ. of PA 2003 Director of Business Development at Yahoo! Inc.
Casey Marshal Northwestern 2003 Senior Consultant, Deloitte
Per Peterson Univ of MN 2003 Winmark Capital
Ron Diver Georgetown 2002 Independent Consultant
Paul Legrady Geogetown 2002 President at Legrady & Company
Mark Lodish Harvard 2002 Principal at Solon Mack Capital
Gary Steele Georgetown 2002 Self-employed Consultant – Telecom Industry
Kathy Bell UVA 2001 Director, Corporate Executive Board,
Patrick Moore Darden 2001 Executive Director and State CIO at Georgia Technology Authority
Chris Lee Georgetown 2000 Assistant VP – MCG Capital
Sinclair Dunlop Columbia 1999 C.E.O. at Rock Spring Partners, LLC
Debbie Weil Georgetown 1998 Founder/President at, Inc.
Faraz Shooshani Yale 1997 Associate Director of Investments, Caltech
Tracey Pettengill Stanford 1996 CFO, ApproTEC
Seth Goldman Yale 1995 President and CEO, Honest Tea
Steve Shier UT Austin 1994 Owner at Third Millennium Software, Inc.
Mark Grovic Georgetown 1993 General Partner of New Markets Venture Partners